My favorite songs

Love Thing_Joe Satriani
Ah Via Musicom_Eric Johnson
Bridge of Sighs_Robin Trower
4.Hideaway_Freddie King or Eric Clapton (Beano version)
5.Have you ever been experienced_Jimi Hendrix

My favorite links

El Rancho Audio is the name of my Personal/Project studio in the Los Angeles area.  Although I built this room in 2006 it is my 3rd studio, having built 2 in the Bay Area of Northern Cali.  For the past  25 years I have worked as a professional sound editor, sound supervisor and sound designer.  I have won 4 Emmy awards back when I was working on Star Trek The Next Generation.  Of course over this long period I have done many other shows and films.  To see my show credits you can visit me on  Prior to my career in sound editing I was a musician for 25 years, and though I didn't play for many years as I established my new profession I have been back to creating music over that last few years.  I spend most of my playing time on the guitar and mostly bluesy rock kinds of stuff.  From time to time I'll post music here.

On the next page is my blog where I will be commenting on all things Audio and welcome your comments.